Angela Jernigan and Niels Teunis are a husband and wife team who support parents to deepen their connection with their children.

Research couldn’t be more clear:

Children who feel emotionally connected to their parents are children who THRIVE!

But only parents who feel connected and supported themselves can continue reaching for their children amidst all the stresses and strains of family life.

To help parents have deeper connection we offer classes and coaching.

Please click on these links so we can tell you more about our offerings.

♥ Introductory Parenting Classes

This is the class where it all begins for you. Parents want warm and connected relationships with their children. Learn here how you can maintain that connection even on hard days.

♥ Coaching with Angela

Angela coaches parents who prefer to work individually. Connect with your child, help them fall asleep, talk with your partner about raising your child, or any number of parenting issues.

♥ Coaching with Niels

Niels helps parents connect better with their chidden by removing the many distractions from their minds. He helps parents organize their lives and give them peace of mind, because everything that has their attention is clear.

Hi there, I am Angela


I feel I was a mom who was able to do it.

When I am connected to this group, my relationship with my son just goes so much better!
Stephanie M.,